Rails 2.1 Certified

Toot toot! Rails 2.1 is almost out and the gravy train has set sail, full speed ahead! Are you excited? I know the girl to the left here is. She’s totally psyched about the upcoming release. Screw barbie dolls, you’ve got some upgrading to do! You’ll be happy to know that all the plugins here [...]

Go green with 5 lines of Ruby

I decided to go “green” last weekend and spend a little time reducing the energy consumption of my computer. See, I’ve always left my desktop computer on at home while I’ve been at work or asleep. I’m sort of lazy and suspend never really worked that well in Ubuntu. After upgrading to 8.04 and finding [...]

A fresh perspective

Looking back on past code oftentimes gives us all a case of the “What was I thinking?”. You could just ignore svn blame and pretend you didn’t write it, but you did. You sucked. And that’s okay. It’s hard (read: impossible) to write perfect code the first time; there are too many things you haven’t [...]

POPSignal in Boston

Tonight I’ll be at POPSignal in Boston, a party graciously organized in part by Brian Balfour, the founder of our company (Viximo). Hope to share a beer with you there.

A prelude

What good would a comeback be if there wasn’t some Rocky story about how I found myself at the end of the road, the bottom of the bottle, the back of the bus, only to be miraculously motivated to push myself to the limits to get back in shape and fight for glory? That actually [...]

Hello, World

It’s been almost a year since we last talked. How have you been? How are the kids? A lot has happened in the last year as I disappeared and found people playing “Where in the world is Aaron Pfeifer?” looking for information about PluginAWeek. Well, I have good news. It’s back. Things are still coming [...]