The API docs are automatically generated from the last commit of each plugin. These docs are the definitive source for detailed information on how to use each plugin. In most cases, the README provides a high-level overview of the available APIs and a few basic examples. For more specifics, consult the API docs for particular classes and methods.

This documentation is organized in a similar fashion to the official Rails documentation. If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, try searching the blog or, as a last resort, take a peek at the code.


There is no longer a wiki hosted by PluginAWeek for community documentation. Fear not! GitHub provides a wiki for each plugin. You should use these wiki pages for tips, tricks, or guides outside the context of the actual API documentation.

You can find a list of all wikis at the start page for PluginAWeek on GitHub. After clicking through to a particular plugin, you’ll see something like so:

Click on the Wiki link and you’re all set!