Viximo: We want you. We need you.

Not happy with your current job? Stuck in a code formatting war with your coworker? Can’t seem to convince your boss that Chuck Norris was written in Ruby? We can help with that. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up at your company and believe whatever you want to believe [...]

POPSignal in Boston

Tonight I’ll be at POPSignal in Boston, a party graciously organized in part by Brian Balfour, the founder of our company (Viximo). Hope to share a beer with you there.

A prelude

What good would a comeback be if there wasn’t some Rocky story about how I found myself at the end of the road, the bottom of the bottle, the back of the bus, only to be miraculously motivated to push myself to the limits to get back in shape and fight for glory? That actually [...]